Wednesday, July 13, 2016

wow... thats pretty bad- no post since December Seems worse than ever because it says 2015 (wasn't that like 7 years ago)? Im gonna keep the blog up and running starting here and now. I'm not making a public proclamation or anything, just saying I'm gonna do better. Public proclamations obviously don't work with me. I went to weight watcher meetings. Didn't loose a pound. I made a public commitment last week on IG stating that I was going to Scope today. Didn't happen. I'm not in the right frame of mind to scope- that's why. You can't go on there if you're not feeling it. It would be a disaster for me. Some mean ole troll might say something and I'd bust into tears in front of everyone. That would be terrible. Too tender for scope today. Maybe I need a post notice that will excuse me from my periscope schedule that says just that "too tender today" - hell- maybe I need a t-shirt that says that so when I venture out in public people will be a little more cautious of my mental state. To quote Bobby Brown "...and if you find a tender roni that is right for you, make it official, give her your love." Here's a pineapple for ya-

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