Monday, July 18, 2016

hello Monday

I don't hate Mondays- in fact- I really like Mondays. Probably because I work from home, but even when I didn't, I liked Mondays. They feel like a fresh start. Sorta a do over. Clean slate. Get everything organized and start again. Thats what I like about Mondays. My birthday was last week and I put aside $200 to buy whatever I wanted, which is something I never do, because Im very cheap and guilt ridden. I didn't go nuts or get anything super special but I did get a big bag of stuff from tjmaxx. My favorite thing in that bag is the shirt I have on in the photo below. My favorite shirts always have stripes for some reason. Like where's waldo, but usually black and white or navy and white. This is a great shirt because it has long enough short sleeves, a loose but not boxy gut fit, a neck that's not too chokey and stripes. Thats what I look for in the perfect shirt. I might put on my new favorite shirt while I work today..... no, thats a lie- something that sounds good in theory, but it's probably not going to happen. Good in theory but its not gonna happen. Happy Monday.................................

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