Tuesday, March 4, 2014

hooray!! Candy Exchange!

I was lucky enough to get to be part of a candy swap organized by Heidi Kinney through her blog (which I read fanatically at mypapercrane.com) I got my package today from my partner, Molly in Pennsylvania and it is AWESOME!! I was just tickled pink with the stuff inside! She went to the Pennsylvania Dutch Market and bought my candy there which was unknowingly so nostalgic and fun for me since I grew up in Iowa Amish country! She carefully packaged it all and included a little note explaining why she included every piece that she did- SOOO nice!! Here's what I got: A Marshcaramel (I think thats what it was called...I already ate it and threw away the wrapper- blush), chocolate covered peeps (who knew they made peeps in PA- and chocolate coated- all the better!), watermelon licorice from the market (delish!), cute fast food pizza and burger shaped gummies, a blue icee lollypop, a pretty solid chocolate hen on a nest, the cutest white chocolate deviled egg, an old time barley pop shaped like a swan that I LOVE, satellite wafers (which I thought were so fun I sent her the same thing!), and the most interesting item- a little burrito looking log of potato candy made of potatoes, powdered sugar, peanut butter and vanilla! THANKS MOLLY- YOU ROCK!

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