Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy April

When I was growing up, every Easter I got a pretty hefty Easter basket. It was always full of things like- jelly beans, cadbury eggs, a big chocolate rabbit, an Olivia Newton John headband, a Rubiks cube, maybe an ABBA cassette tape, some silly putty, and always a new jump rope. Silly thing is, I don't ever recall using that Easter jump rope as it was intended to be used. I can't remember ever, not one time- skipping rope. That jump rope had a more important use. It was what I used to tie stuff onto the back of my bicycle. Jump ropes are perfect for that- they are pretty much unbreakable and have plastic ends that won't untie no matter how heavy the tow is. First thing I tied on was my radio flyer wagon, which worked pretty slick until you tried to stop. Best case scenario was that the tongue of my wagon came crashing into my heel. Worse case senerio was that the wagon and the poor dog held prisoner in it went whizzing past at top sped causing my bicycle to be ripped out from beneath me and throwing me to the ground. Eventually the jump rope would get worn from the stresses it endured and start to fray. Luckily every Easter I got another fresh one. All of that to say, I hope that this Easter brings you good things that inspire you to be creative, put your skills to the test and makes memories. Have a Happy April!

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