Monday, January 20, 2014

Craft & Hobby Show - Anaheim, California

Last week we went to Anaheim to attend the CHA show. It was a great time! We didn't plan our trip too well though- we had to fly from Dallas, to Denver to Vegas then finally to Los Angles- whew! Here we are during the Vegas layover- can you tell Arthur's getting a bit punchy?
But we finally made it. Here we are posing with palm trees in the background because we don't have those in Texas.
...and here's me inside the lobby at the show!
I don't have any pictures of the show floor since you're not suppose to take pictures in there but here are a few of the seven yarn wonders of the world that were ok to photograph, neat-o!
We spent six days shopping, taking classes and at the show- so on the last day we thought we deserved some fun time. We went to the USS Iowa and toured the ship (Arthur was like a kid on Christmas morning- he loved it and it brought back all sorts of Navy memories for him). Next we went to the beach and boardwalk in Santa Monica- which I LOVED! I could have stayed there forever!

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