Wednesday, August 20, 2014

stay golden ponyboy

There's not many things I like better than putzing around my house crafting and decorating with whats on hand. I have been holding onto these gold sticker dots for the longest time. I decided to put them on the closet doors of my guest room today because that rooms a pretty blank slate and I figured that anywhere else they might look pretty junky. After I did that I decided that the state chalkboard picture, that I never really loved much needed some gold in it too. This is how all of my decoding and crafting projects happen- like a snowball avalanche. One thing triggers another. So, I put on some Martha Stewart gold flake paint, but that wasn't shiny enough so I dumped some gold glitter onto the canvas. I didn't have enough to do the whole white area, so I figured I just ruined that canvas. Then in an effort to wipe it all off, some chemical reaction happened and it tuned into a gold leaf looking distressed deal- happy accident! Here's what all of the pieces ended up like- it looks better in real life- I really like it!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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