Wednesday, May 14, 2014


4 days until Surtex! I'm packed and ready to go. I had some hairy moments with my banners but I got it all figured out just in the nick of time and now I'm all set. I'm not at all nervous this year- I guess because I know what I'm in for. The thought of sitting in a booth for three whole days actually sounds like a relaxing vacation compared to my last 4 months of balls to the wall. I'm really really looking forward to it and all of the things it includes like going to the deli I love and getting those delicious pickles, seeing so much great and inspiring artwork all in one spot, making new contacts, walking around times square and best of all getting to show people what I've been working on over the last year. I have a new and different sort of thing I'm trying out this show-it will be interesting to see the reactions. If you're at the show stop by and say hi- I'd love to see you! This is the banner that will be right in the center of my booth- keep an eye out for it......

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