Tuesday, February 25, 2014

free March Desktop Calendar

Well March is fast approaching- so I thought I'd start doing a free monthly desktop calendar for everyone! Just drag it onto your desktop to use. (copyright:figgypuddingdesigns) It should fit- if not let me know. I put one there for your phone too.. St Patrick's Day always takes me back to a time of fear and anxiety because of the cruel pinching tradition that was part of 1st- 6th grade. If for some god awful reason you forgot to wear green to school on St Patricks Day, rather than endure the abuse- you had no choice but to lie. I remember those rotten kids coming at me on the playground with blood in their eyes and their lobster claws waving in the air. There was no way out other than to scream, at the top of my lungs-"I have on green underwear!!!" This strategy would only work for a while. They would demand proof and if you couldn't ante up the goods, you got it anyway until a teacher took pity on you and pinned a construction paper shamrock to your shirt. That stupid shamrock was like a scarlet letter, letting everyone know about your cultural faux pas. It was always faded and torn but a badge of safety none the less. So happy St Patricks Day, go buy some green underwear just to be on the safe side and email me if you just wanna say hi. -shelley ----------------------------------------------------

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