Friday, January 17, 2014

crafting for the sake of crafting

I am well aware that the following craft project will neither amaze nor wow the majority of readers here, but I'm posting it none the less because I thoroughly enjoyed making it. I really love being able to make something from nothing. Isn't that the whole point of crafting? (I'm sure one unnamed big box craft supply retailer would disagree) - but the whole reason I started to make things was because I couldn't afford to just go buy whatever it was I was making. So here it is- my Christmas wreath (evergreen ripped off to expose just the frame, about 1/4 a yard of damask fabric torn into strips and tied onto the wire and a chalkboard painted canvas in the center). I decided to keep it black and white so I could add a bit of green or red or orange to suit the holidays... no- thats a lie. I made it black and white because thats the only fabric that I had enough of to use. The knot tying process was rather meditative, I recommend it if you need some relaxation and a rather dated looking wreath for your front door.

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